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Ministry Support Committee (MSC)

The purpose of the Ministry Support Committee is to ensure that proper oversight is given to all ministries

supported by the Synod. 

The Ministry Support Committee shall: 

Support transformational leadership within the Synod for Presbytery leaders in ordered ministries.

  • Manage procedures for handling and dispersing grants or loans from the General Assembly or the Synod for the development of new churches, the transformation of existing churches, and for specialized ministries.

  • Recommend long-range goals for the Synod’s role that shall project the establishment of racial ethnic congregations in proportion to the general (not necessarily Presbyterian) population of the three states.

  • Review grant application and annual progress reports on behalf of the Synod and make recommendations for appropriate action.

  • Administer any Synod-held funds for the financial assistance of theological students from within the bounds of this Synod, who attend seminaries of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

  • Promote and support the work of all Consultants for Racial Ethnic Ministries.

  • Promote and support the Association of Smaller Congregations (ASC), which will facilitate mutual support and encouragement for congregations and pastors of smaller congregations, through care, training and leadership.

  • Promote and support any other mission adopted by the Synod.

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