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Committee on Representation (COR)

The purpose of the Committee on Representation is to ensure all-inclusiveness and full representation in the Synod structure in accordance with the Book of Order. 

The Committee on Representation shall:  

  • Have a Committee membership of five (5) persons.

  • Have Committee members that will be appointed by the Executive Administrative Commission, represented by all three states.

  • Have a Chair that will be nominated by the Moderator of the Synod for a term of no more than one (1) year.  The CoR chair may be re-elected to a full or partial term, but is limited to no more than four (4) consecutive years of service as Committee on Representation chair. 

  • Have the Committee Chair serve as a member of the Synod’s Executive Administrative Commission.

  • Receive recommendations from individuals, Sessions, presbyteries, Moderator, the Executive Administrative Commission and appropriate institutions and agencies.

  • Provide balance to all committees based upon the states, male/female, Minister of the Word and Sacrament, Ruling Elder, and Race.  Ensure Commissioners from the same Presbytery do not serve on the same committee.  Use the Presbytery Rotation Chart for each Presbytery Demographic needed for proper balance.

  • Help to maintain and create the rotation schedule as needed for the future work of the COR in the Synod.

  • Submit annually to the Executive Administrative Commission at a Stated meeting nominations for committee and commission chairs to be filled, with the understanding that nominations may be made from the floor for any position.

  • Ensure, in the event a vacancy occurs on the Committee, that the Moderator is empowered to name a person to serve in the vacancy until the next Executive Administrative Commission meeting.

  • Meet at least biannually.

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