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Administration and Relationships Committee (ARC)

The purpose of the Administration and Relationships Committee is to assist all administrative procedures and provide

a connectional relationship between the Synod, Presbytery, General Assembly, and Covenant Institutions. 


The Administration and Relationships Committee shall: 

  • Assist the Synod Stated Clerk to conduct the annual review of the minutes of presbyteries. 

  • Assist communications of the Synod to its constituencies and the public.

  • Assist and represent Synod in the work and meeting of clusters of presbyteries within the Synod. 

  • Coordinate relationships with other denominations and ecumenical bodies within the bounds of the Synod.   

  • Designate any ecumenical guests to the Stated Meeting of the Synod and representatives of this Synod to ecumenical bodies and denominations. 

  • Facilitate communication, consultation and coordination between all Councils, functioning as the link for mission partnership. 

  • Screen and recommend to the General Assembly applicants for grants from Restricted Funds from General Assembly.  

  • Maintain the on-going, covenantal relationships of the Synod with its institutions: 



Agnes Scott College 

Columbia Theological Seminary 

Eckerd College 

Florida Presbyterian Homes 

Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary 

Presbyterian College 

Presbyterian Homes of Georgia 


Villa International-Atlanta 

Westminster Communities of Florida 


  • Review each covenant every fourth year, negotiating any revisions and approving renewal of the revised covenants on behalf of the Synod. 

  • Advise Synod’s institutions regarding scheduling and strategies for active financial campaigns within the Synod. 

  • Support any administrative task as necessary. 

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